Understanding The 5 Key Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

factors that affect credit scores

Financial health encompasses a person’s financial decisions, including purchases, debt, investments, and assets, with credit score being just one aspect. Understanding your credit score/ credit report is crucial for achieving financial health. To optimize your credit score, focus on five key factors: Credit Score Factors That Affect Your Credit Payment History – consistent debt repayment.…

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Top 10 Credit Score Myths – Busted!


It’s time to put your knowledge to the test: How much do you know about credit scores? This little three-digit number may seem unassuming, but it has a massive impact on your financial wellness. In reality, bad credit causes many economic challenges, hindering your ability to qualify for a home mortgage, get a car loan,…

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How Does Credit Utilization Impact My Credit Score?


Several factors impact your credit score. These include which types of credit you use and how much debt you owe. However, your credit utilization ratio is one of the most important factors when calculating your credit score. Understanding the ins and outs of credit utilization rates can be challenging without the right information. In this…

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The 5 Most Important Factors That Impact Your Credit Score


Your credit score impacts your ability to purchase a home, finance a vehicle, rent a new apartment, and more. Improving your credit score can feel like a guessing game without understanding the important credit score factors contributing to the number. Everything from making payments on time to your credit utilization ratio impacts your credit score.…

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